Cotton Ginny Update

I still haven’t heard any official buzz but I went to Kingston this week and their big beautiful store was closed. When I checked the website a few weeks ago it was still listed in their store locator which is now greatly reduced in number. ball of cotton

I notice now there are only 12 locations in Ontario, 2 locations in Alberta, 1 location in British Columbia, 1 location in Manitoba,  and 1 location in PEI.

The locations in Ontario are Collingwood, Huntsville, Lindsay, London, Midland, Orangeville, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, St. Thomas, Straford, Sudbury, and Toronto. You can find specific locations, addresses and Google map directions at the Cotton Ginny website.

The website is still not offering online shopping.

I find the lack of communication between Cotton Ginny and it’s customers very disheartening. At the very least they could let us know what is going on via their website which currently only lists a promotion and the store locator. There is not even contact information.

UPDATE: Cotton Ginny has filed for bankruptcy and closed all doors. See comments below for further info.

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  1. Rebecca Llewellyn says:

    I got a $75 girt cert for Xmas and live in Calgary. All stores here are closed. I cannot get an answer at the Adminstration offices. The mailbox is always “Full” as well- 24/7. I was a good customer too. That is very bad business to sell them, when they are closing up right after Xmas. Anyone have an idea?

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    It looks like there are two in Edmonton if you can make your way up there for a trip. I’d call ahead first though! The numbers are in their store locator.
    Good luck!
    Five Favorite Things Blogger

  3. DIDO here on this end Rebecca, I too have a number of cards, – and hae been shopping at that store since their birth. – and the clsoest one to where I live is an hour and half away. Frustrating. Especially if you drive out of your way only o not find your size or what your were hoping to buy.

    Does anyone know if they online site was taken off because of these cloures. I too canèt even find a phone number for a customer assistance – besides calling long distance and talking to an actual sales assosciate who sounds just as frustrated as us the customers.


  4. What they have done is stealing. They took money for gift cards for unsuspecting customers. I had one from 2010 and got another in Feb 2011 for my birthday. It was a gift, likely purchased in December.

    They had to know at head office in December that they were closing all stores in January. Yet, they continued to sell gift cards. I was told they would still be open in Ontario and would be opening on line ordering.

    How many $ did they take from us, that we can never claim? Anyone else doing this would be charged with theft — why can’t they be charged — this does not feel “like business”!

  5. i worked for cotton ginny and still havent got payed so they do not care so im sorry to say you will be fighting and unwining battle with them and yes it is BAD BAD Business and stealing =(

  6. Elaine H says:

    Just so you know I was at Londonderry Mall a couple weeks ago and the Cotton Ginny there was CLOSED!! So the store locator is out of date. Going to call West Edmonton Mall to see if there is still one there.
    So to the lady in Calgary who has the gift card I’d do that first before driving here as suggested by another poster. Londonderry location is NO MORE!
    I am still trying to figure out why they are starting closing. I love Cotton Ginny but have to wonder if their high prices priced them out of business. What a shame.
    Elaine in Alberta

  7. Becky M says:

    Just wanted to give you an update. I too went to Kingston a few weeks ago and found out they had closed after an hours drive. This past Tuesday May 10, 2011 I drove to the Store in Lindsay to find out it is no longer a Cotton Ginny store it is now an Athletes World. In that same mall there use to be a company called The Urban Cotton Company, rumoured to have been opened by a past employee of CG. This store too was closed. I am very disappointed that I am no longer able to purchase clothing that actually fit my full figured body 🙁 ….. What choices do I have now?? Addition Elle or Pennington’s?? NO THANK YOU

  8. Here’s another update. The Merivale Road location in Ottawa is now also closed. I believe it was the last one in Ottawa. I’m also very disappointed because anything I have purchased there has been good quality and the prices were reasonable compared to other stores. And, like Becky M, the clothes fit! However, I was a bit surprised when they ventured into the “spa” line (robes, towels, etc.). Here’s hoping they get reincarnated, but unfortuneately, that won’t help anyone who has gift cards.

  9. Nancy, you are right. There is no other store in Ottawa now. I am the former supplier. CG took our goods without paying the money. She applied AACC and to write off all the debts.
    He took our money to run his business, it is a stealing and he is a theft.

  10. I used to work for CG, I talked to my old district manager a few days ago, she said there were only two stores left. One is located in Sudbury and the other in London. Although I doubt they will be open for much longer.

  11. can you tell me if the store in Penticton, B.C. is still open and why are you closing all your stores?

  12. Chris,

    Someone posted yesterday that there are only 2 stores left (Sudbury and London).
    They are closing because they went bankrupt.

    Five Favorite Things Blogger

  13. Colleen Furnell says:

    Cotton Ginny in Lindsay Ontario is closed. Went to go buy shorts today and it’s gone. I asked them before Christmas if they were going to close, they had moved to a new location in the mall and taken over another store’s fixtures and signage. It was not at all branded “Cotton Ginny” it looked terrible and temporary. They assured me, business as usual. Darn it. It’s the only place I liked to buy shorts. BTW Joe Fresh t shirts are onlyy $5 and come in an xxl.

  14. Hey ladies

    I happened to be in London last week and I CLEANED UP in CG PLUS. Eveything was 80% off — I bought a full bag of clothes for $56. Most items were $6 and $8. I would have filled up a suitcase if I had one. It was amazing!!! Google White Oaks Mall, London.

  15. UPDATE** sudburys cotton ginny closded their doors tuesday july26th and for all of you who dont know it was the last cotton ginny.They were a bad company took peoples money for gift card then closed their stores without notice ect..alot of girls lots their jobs without notice at all and went tru alot of BS with the company and customers because lack of communication with its employees.Well i guess all i can say is if they ever resurface do NOT work for that company they lie and will make you lie too.

  16. Thanks for the update Kat!

    Five Favorite Things Blogger

  17. omg what a rip off I have so many gift cards and now cant use that is totally BS

  18. i know it is bs but ya know what ealse is bs them not paying you and you have to fight for 8 months to get money you have worked for that is bs in my books if they dident take care about the people who worked for them they sure as hell dident care about the people buying stuff. i would love to know where all the money went how they got this far.

  19. Park Royal, West Vancouver , was the last Cotton Ginny location in BC and closed recently. I think the stores stayed open until their leases ran out. Their plus sizes were a true fit, and I liked most of their clothes, which lasted a long time because of their quality. I’m sorry to hear about all the gift cards that people can’t use, and the unpaid employees. My daughter got the first taste of not being paid for her paper route when a local paper went under a number of years ago. She was only ten at the time. Unpaid employees of a bankruptcy are usually last to be paid, if at all, as we discovered during that situation. They are known as “unsecured creditors.” Good luck to them.

  20. Like many of you, I loved to shop at CG+ and I’m wondering where I can now get good quality casual clothing. Imo, what happened to CG was that they were making clothing for plus sizes in styles suitable for smaller gals and they turned their backs on the tried and true + styles. When I started shopping there, they had: winter fleece vests that came down under the touche (kept it warm); lovely cotton v-neck nighties; longer t-shirts that covered a multitude of sins; long sleeved sweat pant type tops; bean-bag pants; etc. Everything was good quality and I’m still wearing many of their pieces today. Time is running out tho and I do need to start replacing my clothing. Anyone have any ideas about where to shop now?

  21. Thanks for your comment Linda. Quite honestly I have not found any company that compares in terms of quality for cotton items like CG used to make. The current trend is cheap and easy to produce unfortunately and it is not made to last many years. I am hoping a Canadian company will step up soon and fill in this empty space CG has left behind.

    My Favorite Things Blogger

  22. ahhhh darn…. I am 4 hours away from Sudbury. I would’ve loved to buy tons of their t-shirts…such good quality!!!

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