Big Sister’s Closet

Canadian plus size blogger, Karen Ward from the Curvy Canadian has started an online store with new and vintage clothing. It is in the beginning stages so there are not many items but it is worth checking out. I especially like the store’s vintage section where I saw these items (blue is usually a given favorite of mine):

plus size vintage clothing from Big Sister

While I love the concept of this online store, the graphics are a bit too tech and leave me dizzy — you will see what I mean when you visit. It also makes it awkward for viewing images easily. Anyway, the site is new and once it settles into its own I am hoping it will evolve but I wanted to put it on your radar now.

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* Visit Big Sister’s Closet
* Visit the Curvy Canadian fashion blog

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  1. Love seeing vintage in plus size! Interesting…never thought plus size designers were too creative years ago, but there’s something quite beautiful in looking at these things now. Go figure!

  2. That’s cool! I rarely see vintage designs that caters to plus-size women. I got to check out that store.

  3. Marilyn says:

    I love the designs that you have in this post. Now, I’ll follow the link you’ve shared. I hope there are more items by now.

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