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Top Box is a beauty sample box that is delivered every month for about $13.56 with taxes. It is one of the few Canadian only programs out there. In each box there is usually about four samples, sometimes full size and sometimes just a taste to whet your appetite (or not). At the moment you have to sign up via email to be on a waiting list. I was on for about three to four months before I received an email inviting me to officially join. I was so excited. I filled out their survey which is supposed to help them choose the right products to send to me.

A quick view of my first Top Box

As it stands I have received two Top Box parcels, February and March. The first box contained a full size Shu Uemura lip gloss (not a fan of lip gloss), full size Cuccio Color Nail Lacquer (never tried this brand and I loved it), a sample B. Kamins Nutrient Replacement Cream Kx (hate, leaves my face feeling greasy in morning, very expensive at $135 per 45g), full size Estee Lauder Double Ended Kajal Pencil in blackened black and blackened cocoa (it’s almost like they didn’t read my profile–way too dark for me). Overall I thought it was pretty lackluster for a first box to send out. But for $12 I didn’t feel jipped.

Within minutes I was trying the Cuccio top coat on my new mani.

I wouldn’t say box two was any better, just “Meh.” It contained a sample size Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (I was disappointed by the size but loved this stuff and may even consider the $72 for 35ml full size when I am done. I don’t wake up greasy and I noticed a definitely change to fine lines and skintone. Directions say to apply moisturizer afterwards but I haven’t yet), two packets of Belvada Blackhead Facial Mask (this 30 minute peel off mud mask is super sticky, takes too long, and removed a lot of peach fuzz facial hair with it — ouch!), Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (when I saw the dark color, I thought again “Didn’t they read my profile?” but it’s not bad and generally I like Clinique lipsticks), a full size tube of Epic Blend hemp lip balm (gave it to my husband as he is the lip balm user, haven’t heard back). Again, I don’t feel jipped by the $12 I paid for this box and it was fun to try the new beauty products. Here’s quick video I posted of the box on Instagram:

I realize I am not raving about this beauty box (which is actually a tube) but I am looking forward to this month’s to see what I get. I would love to try an eye cream, another brand of polish, a mascara perhaps… but I’ll have to wait and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried any beauty boxes?

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