Tying a Sarong

Cruise-side, poolside or deck-side, a sarong is a perfect accessory for your bathing suit no matter where you hang out. Whether you are covering away the chill or are a little bashful there is no right way or wrong way to tie a sarong but here are five ways to get you started and give your swimsuit a new look.

The Chest Tie

How to tie a plus size sarong around your chest.This is probably the most common and the easiest way to tie a sarong. And quite frankly it’s my favourite. It just seems to hang right on everyone.

Directions: Grab two adjacent corners on one of the longest sides. Wrap around your back and tie a double knot in front above your cleavage.

Waist Tie, Long and Short Versions

How to tie a plus size sarong around your waist.This one looks like a tank and long skirt. It makes an acceptable touristy outfit if you’ll be in a coastal region and tempted to get your toes wet throughout the day.

Directions: Hold the sarong at your back by the two corners on the longest side. Keep one corner stationary at your right hip while you wrap the sarong around yourself. If the two ends meet tie them together and tuck in the ends or tuck in both ends and slightly roll top into a cuff securing both ends. The short one is basically the same except you fold the sarong in half to create a short skirt. The seam you create while folded goes at your waist.

Cross Over Tie

How to tie a plus size sarong around your neck.The crossover is not one of my favourites but some people love it and wear it well. It can be worn as a dress with no bathing suit underneath; but frankly, I don’t trust my knot tying to be that brave.

Directions: Cross over two corners in front of you and double knot in back of neck.

Shoulder Tie

How to tie a plus size sarong around your shoulder.The shoulder tie creates a unique look with a sturdy tie that has the added advantage of extra security provided by the crease of your armpit.

Directions: Same cross over as above but instead of tying it around your neck slide it around until it’s under your arm and then tie a double knot over your shoulder.

The sarong used in this article was provided by Feedora Plus Sarongs in Hawaii. Their plus size sarongs are a generous 45 inches X 90 inches.

Originally published 2/16/2007 at Large & Lovely, BellaOnline. Updated September 20, 2014.

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