Your Big Sister’s Closet

Your Big Sister’s Closet has come a long way since I first mentioned it in 2012. It has been exciting to watch Karen Ward, the mastermind and entrepreneur, and her store bloom.

Karen’s Toronto based business has a walk-in boutique for Torontonians and travellers but she also has a smaller online shop for the rest of the country. Besides great looking clothing she offers free shipping (one of my fave customer service perks). The main model on the site? Why, it’s Karen of course! Here she is in action wearing a teacup dress:

Karen Ward, the entrepreneur behind Your Big Sister's Closet, source for plus size clothing in Toronto.

Originally, I had said the graphics were a bit too tech and left me dizzy but part of the growing has lead to its current incarnation with a smooth finish making it easy to shop and check out in a flash. The space really has settled into its own. And so has the gorgeous walk-in store located at 3126 Dundas Street West. If you are going to be in the Toronto area be sure to check it out.

An inside look at Your Big Sister's Closet floor plan.

While you are at it stop by Karen’s blog, the Curvy Canadian — especially if you live in or near the Toronto area to see what she’s up to. She always has great fashion pics.

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