Could It Be the End of Changing Rooms?

No matter what size you wear, shopping can be an utter nightmare. It is even worse when you are buying clothing online, trying to figure out whether a certain type of dress flatters your figure or a pair of jeans is fitted without cutting off circulation in your legs. The measurements of apparel sizes vary from brand to brand, and what merely could be a quarter of an inch difference between two companies can be an inch or more for plus sizes. This makes it more difficult for the curvaceous woman, although some labels have made their attempt on “one-size-fits-all” garments which clearly show their failure to understand that women’s bodies are not created equal.

However, the trials and tribulations of searching for the perfect fit might be put to an end soon.

A few years ago, a handful of start-ups received funding to expand operations, partnering with retailers to help their customers get accurately fitted for items without the hassle of trying them on in-store or selecting incorrect sizes via the web. Companies such as Virtusize allow you to compare dimensions of a garment with a product you already own, while others like Rent the Runway filter searches according to your body type. But the one that seems to be making the biggest waves in the industry is triMirror.

An example of Trimirrors digital fitting experience.

Recently, the founders of this virtual fitting service teamed up with Guess and Gap stores in Walden Galleria, Buffalo, New York, to show store managers, sales clerks and shoppers how their technology revolutionizes the way we try on clothes. Not only is their technology available in store and online, but it also works on mobile apps. Gaming Realms, a mobile gaming developer who designed the games on Pocket Fruity, states that mobile apps are crucial in keeping this virtual changing room relevant to our digitally obsessed market.

Using garments from retailers, the company has digitized and then created 3D versions of clothing items that can be worn by the shopper’s avatar (a visual representation of themselves), customized according to her exact measurements and even a facial scan. And the best part of it all is that the 3D apparel can be adjusted while your avatar is being fitted, as triMirror studies the movement of fabric and allows users to roll up sleeves and such.

The Toronto-born business currently operates in Buffalo, but the founders hope that one day they can make this technology available worldwide.

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