Reah Norman Talks Summer Style

For Lane Bryant’s latest issue of fashion tv Reah Norman talks about summer style, what we can expect to see, and how to have fun. All in less than four minutes!

Of all the ideas Reah shared I think I am going to give the layering cami’s a try. I have never tried that assuming it would be too hot but I like the look. Is there anything new you want to try this summer?

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Maxi Fall Dresses

It has been getting cooler here at night (7C) but is still pretty warm during the day. It is going to be something like 29C tomorrow — that’s just wrong. The maple tree out front is already changing color but the weather has another idea although I am not sure what.

I have been waiting for a few weeks to show you this fall maxi dress from Swak Designs. It was unveiled in their lookbook but was not available until now. I think it will be a hot item for fall. I can see it worn with sandals for the remaining fleeting days of warm weather and transitioning into boots, tights, and big bulky scarves draped around the neck as it gets cooler.

Long sleeve teal maxi dress from SwakDesigns.

The Lois Maxi Dress is available in sizes 1x to 6x for $69.90 and comes in wine, black, or teal. I think the black would be the most versatile if you do not have pets but I am partial to the teal.

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The Pretty Cami

Swak Designs came out with a Pretty Cami ($29) this week. It has the spaghetti strips on it so you’ll have to wear a pretty or strapless bra with it but I love how it hangs loose. Unlike traditional basic camis that cling to the abdomen this one has free flowing fabric and as you can see it comes in seven colors (in sizes 1x to 6x) and looks great as is or with a belt. I think it be a hot item for them this summer.

plus size colorful camis from SwakDesigns

I love that they did not forget about the back of the cami too — with pretty gathers in front and back. I want one in every color!

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Can I Have an Autograph

Autograph Fashion is an Australian plus size clothing store that is new to me. And guess what, they deliver to Canada. There is no flat rate listed and costs are dependent on location, weight of package, and method of shipping. At the moment of this posting they offer free shipping if you spend $100 (easy enough to do) even to international customers.

They carry sizes 14 to 26 but definitely read their sizing information before you order. Prices are shown in Australian money when you first visit but you can change the currency with the drop down menu in the top right to Canada or the US.

plus size clothing options from Autograph Fashion

The prices do not fall into the budget range meaning a dress will probably cost $90, a top $60; unless it is on sale. I follow a few Australian bloggers and they absolutely love this store.

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Red and White

I have noticed that a few retailers are advertising “red & white” for Canada day but red and white looks sharp any time. Forever 21 has this cute outfit in their plus size section. The whole outfit is less than $76. And yes, they ship to Canada!

plus size clothing from Forever 21

But I wouldn’t be surprised if you dug through your closet and found a few red and white pieces of your own. Go ahead and see what you have to pair together. Red and white stripes will give you a nice nautical look! Don’t wait until Canada Day to proudly wear your red and whites.

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Ladies Night at Marks

On Thursday May 5th from 5pm to 11pm Mark’s Work Warehouse is having a ladies night. They are offering 20% off everything store wide. If you haven’t considered Mark’s for plus size clothing it might be a good time. They have more than industrial and health wear. Most stores carry up to 2x — call ahead if you like.

plus size clothing from Marks

Mark’s does not offer online shopping at this time but you can see some of their styles and find the store nearest you.

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My Evans Order

I made my first Evans order on September 28th. It arrived today! That’s 22 days (14 days longer than ordering from ASOS). I paid £7.50 which is about $12 Canadian for shipping. As I mentioned with my ASOS order shipping costs are a big peeve of mind. $12, I can definitely handle.

I have always loved Evans’ fashions but I chose to order at this time because of the release of the new Beth Ditto line and because I wanted a red winter coat. I’m not a crazy shopper. I put a lot of thought into what I’m buying and how it will fit with what I have. But mostly, I have to love something before I buy. Lack of sleep may lead to an impulse buy (read on).

From the Ditto collection I ordered the heart print hanki hem top, £39.50 (I didn’t fall in love with this tunic length top until I saw it worn by another blogger — can’t for the life of me find the blog or else I’d link to it) and the black extra high waist leggings, £20.00. I also ordered a hooded duffle coat, £49.50, in an awesome bright red and a black jersey jumpsuit, £35.00, (something I thought I would never do and will now blame on the before mentioned lack of sleep. As I’m sitting here I remembered another reason why I don’t like jumpsuits — you have to completely undress to pee). I found a coupon online for 15% off so I saved almost $22. So basically I got free shipping and a bonus.

It was super easy to shop at Evans. Their website is well laid out and since they only sell plus size there were no disappointments as they have a huge size range (14 to 32), great product images and the shopping cart is easy to use. I had no problems what-so-ever placing my order. I paid for my order using Paypal; again with no problem. After my order was placed, I received an email receipt for my order and another email the next day letting me know my order was “dispatched”.

As I said in the intro my parcel arrived today. I was surprised that it wasn’t in a box but a large opaque grey bag. Each item was individually packaged in plastic and the coat and jumpsuit came with hangers. Along with the package came duty, taxes, and a handling fee. Most likely because it was over $100. My parcel contents cost £122.40. Before they can charge the duty they have to convert my parcel contents total to Canadian. On the day of processing the exchange was 1.604900 which brought my total up to $196.44 Canadian (about $50 more than what I had worked out when I made my purchase three weeks ago — the joy of fluctuating dollars). An 18 % duty was applied = $35.35 + HST of $30.13 and a $5 handling fee. To pick up my package from the post office it cost $70.49. I was expecting to pay around $50. And I had to sign for the parcel.

I pretty much love everything. The jacket isn’t bulky, is super soft and has a silky lining. One of the things I liked about it was the fact that it had both the buttons and a zipper; although I’m a bit concerned about the zipper which is plastic and didn’t give me the impression it will hold up to daily use — time will tell. The heart print hanki top is so cute, even the man said he liked it. It’s super soft jersey on top. I thought the arms would be tight but they are super comfortable. I could use a little more room in the chest area where it connects with the patterned material which isn’t stretchy at all. I bought the extra high waist leggings to go with the hanki top. They don’t have a lot of give but I love the high waist and there the added option of folding them over. Now for the jumpsuit. I think it’s really cute but I would never wear it out in public. It will definitely be I’m home for the day outfit — it’s that whole having to undress from top to bottom thing when I have to use the washroom and is not really appropriate for this time of year; too cold.

Overall, it was a good shopping experience. Next time I order I will try to keep my order total under $100 to hopefully considerably reduce expected duty/tax charges. If you are looking for some where new to shop I recommend giving them a try. Sign up for their newsletter to get the latest sale and promotion information. If you have tried them already please share your experience in the comments.

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Great News from Old Navy

I’m very excited to tell you that Old Navy now delivers to Canadians from their website.

The best part? There are no worries about duties or handling fees. And they have free returns. As an introduction, for a limited time they are offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Now for the sad, sad news. I could only find sizes up to 2x (18). There was no plus size section like the main website. Hopefully the same line of 1x to 4x at the main site will be available on the Canadian site very soon!

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$10 Tees on Thursday

Get ready! Threadless is having a $10 t-shirt event on Thursday at 10 am CT. They recommend filling up your cart ahead of time because favorites will be going fast. I’ve been dying to get the Fail tee (by Budi Satria Kwan) but every time I go to get it it’s either sold out of my size or completely dormant. I’m so happy it’s back in reprint.

Why do I like it? It makes me smile and smiling makes me happy. I don’t know about you but I need all the happy I can get. There are lots of fun, political, and down right pretty (as well as pretty silly) designs to choose from. Most will go up to 3x, some only 2x. Have fun!

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Plus Size Capri Pants

Some fashionistas are down right against them. Some are downright for them. And some are just caught in the middle. I love capri pants and tend to wear them a lot in the summer. Off the top of my head I can picture at least five pair in my mind — all faves.

Ten Reasons Why I Like Capri Pants

1. The number one reason is calves are sexy. Capri pants are a perfect way to show off calves without feeling overly exposed or having to worry about the dress being blown up or out.
2. I’m a hot blooded woman and capri pants keep my calves cool.
3. Unlike skirts, capri pants help prevent chub rub in the summer.
4. Capri pants can be comfortably worn at work.
5. They can be worn at the park.
6. They can be worn at the beach.
7. Capris can be dressed up or down.
8. They look brilliant with flats or heels or strappy sandals.
9. Capris can be worn by young girls or seniors.
10. Ok, I couldn’t think of another one. But I think you get the picture.

Like many styles, capri pants are not for everyone. At right is what a perfectly fitting length should look like. If they are hitting you just above the ankle then you are too short to be wearing regular length capris and should be shopping in the petite plus section or not wearing them at all because if they don’t hit the right spot they just look like floods (like you don’t know how to wash your clothes). If you can’t find petite plus where you are, get out the sewing machine and start hemming.

The capri pants shown here are from Kiyonna. They are stylish and perfect for work or out and about town doing errands on a warm day. Kiyonna offers a wide range of sizes for 10 to 32. These capri’s come in American blue jean and black; obviously, the black is the most versatile.

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Plus Size Active Wear

Always For Me has been carrying plus size yoga and aerobic wear by Danskin for a few seasons now. This season they have added a new collection of plus size athletic wear including plus size jerseys, bike shorts, cycling clothing, skorts, capris by Mt. Borah. This collection is recommended for spin classes at the gym, open road adventures, and triathlons. Whatever floats your boat.

My favorite piece would have to be the Mt Borah Mystic Baggy Shorts, shown here as it is supposed to be worn on the left and inside out on the right to show off the baboon butt padding. You get the comfort of a bicycle short with the camouflage of a baggy short plus a little butt padding to take the edge off those narrow exercise seats. These double layered shorts are $81 and come in sizes 1x to 4x.

Plus size Active Shorts by Mt Borahplus size bicycle shorts by mt borah

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Celebrate Earth Day

Cotton Ginny will be celebrating earth day so be sure to stop by a walk-in store or online to see what promos they have on. They are all about environmental awareness and organic cottons and fair trade.

I haven’t been to the website in awhile but found two cute top in what has to be the smallest online plus size shop — where’s the clothes Cotton Ginny! (Yes, I realize that was poor grammar. I was imitating the old ladies in the Wendy’s commercials.)

Back to the tops. The first is a Kimono style top for $50 and the second is a Swing Tee for $35. Both come in Cotton Ginny’s plus sized S to XL. I notice Cotton Ginny is also shipping to the states so if you haven any plus size friends in the U.S. let them know.

plus size printed kimono topplus size asymmetrical tee

***Update*** Cotton Ginny is no longer online nor does it have walk-in stores.

Bright Leggings

If you have been wanting to get on to the bright legging bandwagon but just weren’t too sure how to take the plunge, here’s a perfect example of a fresh look. The leggings are of course from We Love Colors and fit up to 375lbs. The ruffle skirt, cami, and shoes are from Torrid and the asymmetrical cardigan is from Kiyonna.

One Way to Wear Plus Size Leggings

Have fun with color!

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