The Purple Coat

Mmmm, I love purple. Woman Within has this cute purple coat with ribbed knit trim and a-line. If you are not fond of purple it also comes in black. They are available from Woman Within in sizes 14 to 24 (check out their size chart for their detailed bust, waist, and hip measurements for each size). My favorite features besides the color? The ribbed cuffs and shawl collar make it look cozy, pockets always make me happy, an a-line that’s not too big, and it has the dressiness of wool blend coat but is casual enough (thanks to the ribbing) to wear everyday.

Purple, purple, rah, rah, rah, ooooo, I love purple. Including this purple coat from Woman Within. Good price too.

They currently have 30% off the highest priced item in your cart so that makes this lovely coat a very affordable $76.99 (US). They have many other styles to choose from casual to dressy and light weight to parka.

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Tiger Stripe Coat

Rawrr! That’s what I thought when I first saw Carmakoma’s Surpreame tiger stripe coat. Then I took a closer look and realized it wasn’t really tiger striped, more like wavy repeat pattern stripe but still pretty cool looking. I like the contrast of the black quilted sleeves too.

I love this tiger print-ish coat from Carmakoma.

It is available in sizes 12 to 24 (US sizing) for $252 US. When I was at the bank this week it was in our favor but make sure you check before you do any shopping because it changes so quickly. And remember your price points for duty.

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Black and White Jacket

Black and white is coming on strong for the remainder of winter and into spring as shown by this amazing jacket from Addition-Elle. It’s faux leather and a bit pricey at $129. I remember the days when you could get a leather jacket from them for $249. But it is adorable isn’t it? It’s a nice tailored jacket, I don’t imagine this one will hang around for long.

Two tone black and white faux leather jacket is from Addition-Elle.

Faux leather has come a long way since the pleather days I remember. This plus size jacket comes in sizes X to 4x. If you don’t have an Addition-Elle near you the shipping rates are pretty reasonable.

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Houndstooth Coat

I was tempted to share another red coat with you when I saw Jessica London’s wool-blend pea coat but then I saw they had it in six other colors including one of my favorite patterns — houndstooth. If you are not fond of the print then there is dark navy, charcoal, black, dark green (which reminds me of a coat I had in highschool), honey mustard and ruby red. I would totally wear a red scarf and mitts with this just to get in my winter red.

This houndstooth print coat is from Jessica London.

They currently offer this style in sizes 12 to 32 and it is on sale for $99 to $120 depending on your size. This one is a few inches shorter than the one I mentioned the other day. I love the large notched collar, it looks like it would be good for tucking in when it gets blustery.

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The Red Wool Coat

I tend to be more attracted to red coats in the winter. I am not sure why since in general blue is my favorite color. Probably because I have animals and everything shows up on blue wool. If you love red as much as I do, Ulla Popken has this straight line red wool coat in sizes 12 to 38. It is 80% wool and 20% nylon, lined so the itchy stuff is on the outside. I like that this coat is a little longer to cover the backside and while it is dressy it is not too dressy that it can’t be thrown on with a pair of jeans.

This lovely red plus size coat is from Ulla Popken

I the think the balance between casual and dressy with these types of coats is determined by the winter accessories — the scarf and mittens. A thick woolly scarf and mittens is more casual while a thinner lacy one with leather gloves would be dressier.

Ulla Popken has a few different styles of wool coats of varying lengths and they are reasonably priced, all under $180.

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Cranberry Hooded Jacket

Penningtons has a coat sale on at the moment (25% off) and I am quite attracted to this cranberry hooded jacket with the faux fur trim. I love the color but if you are not fond of red there are a few left in black.

Red winter coat with faux fur lining hood.

Unlike many winter coats I have seen this season it does have inner cuffs so the wind doesn’t blow up the arms. It also has a cinch at the waist to keep it from blowing up the backside. They currently have sizes available from x to 5x which is an amazing size range — so nice to see coats being made in the larger sizes.

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Down Filled Warmth

Tired of polyester fill coats? Want a little down filled splendor to keep you warm this winter? Check out Navabi’s Zizzi down filled coat with a furry removable hood. I especially love the bright yellow “curcuma” but it also comes in black or purple. Unlike other puff coats we have seen in the past this one actually looks good on.

This gorgeous bright yellow down filled coat is from Navabi.

If you are unfamiliar with Navabi, their clothing (sizes 12 to 28) is shipped from Germany worldwide, in this case the shipping would be free. Consider yourself warned about the price though, as this coat is not cheap, at $400 it would definitely be an investment for keeping warm (80% down and 20% feathers).

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The Emerald Green Trench

Of all of the things to covet this season, this plus size Emerald Green Trench Coat by Fuchs Schmitt from ToniPlus is at the top of my list! If you have a Toni Plus in your area do check them out as this coat is not available online! ToniPlus currently has a $50 off any regular priced outerwear $250 or more until April 14, 2013.

This gorgeous plus size Emerald Green coat is available in store at Toni Plus.

You can shop some of the Toni Plus collection online, at the moment it is just the basics. Their main tagline says 14 to 22 but many of the products I clicked on went up to 24.

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Coats from the US

The U.S. shares a lot of our weather and the shipping times are reasonably quick. Bear in mind that some shops may charge more for shipping because of the weight for plus size outerwear while others do not. Here are a few of my picks from shops in the U.S.:

From City Chic Online

There is not a huge selection at City Chic Online when it comes to plus size coats but what they have is cute. At the moment they offer sizes 14 to 24. These are three of my favorites:

Plus size fashion coats from City Chic Online.

From top left:

  • Princess Coat, $74
  • Oh So Chic Coat, $60
  • Ski Bunny Jacket, $$60

The low prices above are reflective of their current coat sale.

From Lane Bryant

It is not surprising that Lane Bryant offers a huge style choice. Their sizes range from 14 to 28. These are three of my favorites:

plus size outerwear from Lane Bryant
From top left:

  • Plaid Toggle Coat, $170
  • Patch Pocket Trench Coat, $199
  • Houndstooth Babydoll Coat, $199

Keep a look out on the site for coupons to counter the steep prices.

From Junonia

For the more active there is Junonia which has prided themselves on providing functional wear to plus size women for the last decade. If you are looking for waterproof outdoor clothing, even ski pants this is the place. They offer their plus size outerwear in sizes 1x to 6x. Here are three of my favorites:

Plus size outdoor wear from Junonia.

From top left:

  • Snow Bunny Anorak Ski Jacket, $190
  • Alpine Ski Pant, $150
  • Solid 3 in 1 Alpine Ski Jacket, $199

Their cold weather selections may not be huge but if you participate in any outdoor activity and do not fall into the standard plus sizes this is the place to go.

From Ulla Popken

The selection at Ulla Popken is small but there are not many places where you can find a long plus size wool coat in sizes 12 to 38. Here are a three of my favorites:

Plus size long wool coats from Ulla Popken.

From top left:

  • Princess Seam Long Coat, $179
  • Ultimate Dress Coat, $189
  • Classic Pea Coat, $159

They tend to have their stock available longer than other shops so if you find an article of clothing you like chances are you will find it again so you can order more.

Don’t forget your scarf and mitts!

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* Get your plus size outer wear from Ulla Popken

Coats from the UK

Canada is not the only place to shop for plus size outerwear. Here are a few of my picks from shops in the UK:

From ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve is a small plus size brand within the ASOS site. And is one of the most popular hot spots for shopping plus in the UK. They offer US sizes 14 to 22 but check their measurements as I find they fit much bigger than a 22. These three plus size coats are my favorite:

Plus size mac coats from Asos Curve.

From top left:

  • Button Swing Coat, $140
  • Military Fit and Flare Coat, $160
  • Peplum Coat with Belt, $189

ASOS Curve offers fashion forward styling and fun bold colors.

From Evans

Evans’ has a large selection of plus size coats for sizes 14 to 32 (UK) although most tend to be on the dark side. These three are my favorite:

Plus size coats from Evans UK.
From top left:

  • Stone Faux Fur Trim Padded Parka Coat, $115
  • Teal Faux Fur Collar Coat, $150
  • Navy Long Quilted Coat, $115

I find Evans fits smaller so again, check sizing information to get a proper fit instead of relying on the number conversion sizing.

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Fall / Winter Coats

There is still time to get your plus size outerwear from Addition-Elle and Penningtons. Here is a peek at some of my favorites:

plus size coats from Addition-Elle

From Addition-Elle:

  • Pea coat with hood in scarlet, $149
  • Short belted down coat with fur trim in charcoal grey, $249
  • Shearling bomber jacket, $129
  • Textured coat, $185
  • Tweed coat, $235

At the time of this post Addition-Elle coats were an additional 30% off.

plus size coats from Penningtons

From Penningtons:

  • Heather wool high neck coat, $198
  • Hooded ciré jacket, $198
  • Down-filled hooded quilted jacket, $198
  • High-neck jacket, $170
  • Babydoll coat, $198

At the time of this post Penningtons coats were an additional 25% off.

Penningtons had an amazing color block wool coat but it sold super fast, I blinked and it was gone so if you love something, do not delay as the prime coats do not hang around for long! Addition-Elle and Penningtons delivers throughout Canada and the U.S.

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Spring Trench Coat Review

Back in February Penningtons sent me their coral Single Breasted Trench Coat to review. As you can imagine it was way too cold to sport it. I actually was not expecting to wear it for a few more weeks but we have gotten this unusually warm spell of fantastic weather. The husband invited me on a border drive to the states and I thought it was a good time to wear this lightweight trench (and a few other spring items).

plus size coral trench coat from Penningtons

The Basics

This plus size trench coat is available in sizes X to 4X and I would say it is generous fit. There are three color options, the awesome “on trend” coral that I received as well as the traditional black or champagne. It has a 2-piece collar with buttons, a belt (with ring), and two pockets. This plus size jacket retails for $130 but is currently on sale for $95.

plus size coral trench coat from Penningtons

First Impressions

The coral trench coat is a perfect weight for the on again off again coolness of spring. The color is fabulous and I love the way the coat fits for the most part. It is well stitched inside and out.

Inside Lining of Coral Trench Coat from Penningtons

The inside is lined half way with a spotted coordinated fun fabric and there is a band stitched on the inside.

lining of coral trench coat from Penningtons

There are nice metal buttons and clean stitching.

buttons on Penningtons trench coat

Minor Details

On first impression I thought it weird that there was only one flap on the front breast and not the other. In fact it still looks lopsided to me and seems unfinished but I will get over it.

The arms are quite wide at the wrist and I think I would have liked matching buckles here to cinch them in a bit. When the day warmed up I found the coat very warm — there is a pseudo-vent at the back but it would have been nice to have a real vent for air circulation.

back of trench coat from Penningtons

The sash is quite long. The loop buckle is kind of cumbersome to be doing and undoing so I just ignored it and tied it in a knot for convenience.

buckle from trench coat

There is a cute inspiration on the inside tag.

gold tag on inside


I love this little coat and see me getting a lot of wear out of it. It is casual enough to wear with jeans and boots but dressy enough to wear with a dress or dress pants. As you can see I went casual with a white knit tank from Cotton Ginny, cardigan and capris from Ulla Popken, Natural Sport sneaker from Naturalizer.

plus size coat from Penningtons

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Anna Scholz Coat Sale

Typically Anna Scholz plus size clothing designs are out of most of our every day shopping price range but I was just over there looking for something and had to rush back here to let you know there is an excellent coat sale going on at her main site. Here are my six top picks and the amazing price slashes for end of season:

plus size coats from designer Anna Scholz

From Left to Right:

  • Bronze Silk Dupion Parka, £435 is on for £130
  • Grey Pleat Back Mac, £229 is on for £45
  • Blush Frill Mac, regular £215 is on for £69
  • Babydoll Frill Mac, regular £249 is on for £49
  • Ponte Jersey Frill 60s Coat, regular £215 is on for £65
  • Khaki Silk Dupion Parka, £435 is on £130

While shopping you will have to keep in mind exchange rates and duties.

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