Black and White Jacket

I love this black and white two tone jacket.

Black and white is coming on strong for the remainder of winter and into spring as shown by this amazing jacket from Addition-Elle. It’s faux leather and a bit pricey at $129. I remember the days when you could get a leather jacket from them for $249. But it is adorable isn’t it? It’s a nice tailored jacket, I don’t imagine this one will hang around for long.

Two tone black and white faux leather jacket is from Addition-Elle.

Faux leather has come a long way since the pleather days I remember. This plus size jacket comes in sizes X to 4x. If you don’t have an Addition-Elle near you the shipping rates are pretty reasonable.

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* Get your black and white plus size jacket from Addition-Elle

Black and White Print

Plus Size Clothing from Addition-Elle

One of the trends this season is black and white. It can come in the form of mingled separates or patterns like stripes, zebra, leopard, gingham, houndstooth or plaid. Here are some of my favorite patterned pieces from Addition-Elle that rock this trend with no effort at all:

Plus Size Clothing from Addition-Elle

Addition-Elle also has many separates in black or white that you can mix and match with as well. Chances are your closet is already teaming with black and white pieces so add some print this spring.

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* Get your own black and white pieces from Addition-Elle

Plus Size Career Wear

Four looks I created with one black suit -- versatile plus size career wear.

Starting a new job? Need some new clothes? First impressions are everything. You want your future boss’s first impression to be a good one but at the same time you want to be able to pay the rent. Buying clothes for the office seems expensive but if you have a plan dressing for a new job or even a current one can be a low stress event if you relax and start with the basics.

Basic Black

It’s amazing what you can do with one suit, a skirt, a blouse, a few colored t-shirts and accessories. There are so many combinations. You probably have a few shirts already that you can put with a new pant suit or skirt. With suiting, when you’re just starting out it’s important to stick with simple black or a dark navy as your base. Black is such a common color in our society it virtually goes unnoticed, no one will notice if you’ve worn a piece more than once a week. Most importantly: Black Goes With Everything.

Four looks I created with one black suit -- versatile plus size career wear.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

As for cheaper options, it is important to shop around but you’ll find, unless you’re buying big designer names, suiting is basically around the same price. It’s important to think of it as making an investment in yourself. And you’ll probably be wearing the items once a week or more depending on whether you’re working full time. So you’ll be getting your money’s worth out them.

Functional not Fashionable

Think style not fashion. You can add fashionable pieces later once you have developed a wardrobe base. It’s important to remember fashionable pieces go out of fashion quickly. When it’s gone so is the money you invested into it. “Remember the difference between fashion and style: fashion is trendy and faddish, whereas style is about classic choices that will stand the test of time. Style is about what looks good on us” (Rita Farro, Life is Not a Dress Size).

Save Me the Money

Depending on your size, going second hand may be extremely hard especially in the plus sizes although it is starting to become better. I found a pair of jeans a few weeks ago for $14.99 (CAN) from Value Village. They were brand spanking new and a size 28. They would have cost $40+ new. I was thrilled. But there was nothing else of interest. It doesn’t hurt to shop around the second hand stores but make sure you stick to nearly new items and the clothes fit. Don’t buy something with the “I will lose a few pounds” mentality. It’s a waste of money and a bruiser for your self-esteem.

Another option if you’re really pressed for cash is Dressed for Success. Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization that assists low-income women transitioning from unemployment to self-sufficiency, starting with the donation of one suit and continuing with ongoing support and career development.

4 more career suit options with the same pieces.

The Sales Associate is Your Friend

Before you go shopping, make a budget of what exactly you can afford. Most clothing stores have in-store training for their sales associates and it’s not just about making a sale. They learn the ins and outs of their products, body types and co-ordinating styles for the best looks. The best time to shop is during the day, during the week so you can talk to a full-time associate who’s had the most training. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone elses help if you doubt the abilities of the one you have.

Let them know your budget and that you need their help to stretch it. You’ll be surprised how many outfits they can put together for you with just a few items. If they aren’t willing to help you then you’re in the wrong establishment and should take your money elsewhere. Don’t worry about offending. This is your hard earned money. Be polite and leave.

Combo Up

How many outfits can you make with 10 pieces? Let’s see:

  • Pants/jacket/white blouse
  • Pants/white blouse/colored t-shirt
  • Pants/colored t-shirt/jacket
  • Pants/blouse
  • Pants/jacket/scarf
  • Pants/jacket/necklace
  • Pants/sweater
  • Skirt/jacket/colored t-shirt
  • Skirt/blouse
  • Skirt/jacket/scarf
  • Skirt/sweater
  • Skirt/t-shirt/scarf
  • Dress/jacket/scarf

*note: Please don’t use some FOL t-shirt. Buy a nice colored one. The cotton spandex ones are dressier.

What You Can Expect to Pay

  • Suit jacket – $79.99 – 169.99
  • Pants $49.99 – 79.99
  • Skirt $39.99
  • T-shirts 9.99 – 40
  • Blouse $40
  • Scarfs $5 – 15
  • Necklace $5 – 20

So you’re looking in the range of $230 to 400 ($180 to 330 US). A hefty price at first glance but you don’t have to go all out at once. Luckily, suits are sold as separates now with different pant types so you can buy one piece now and another piece later. You must have something in your closet to pair with a suit pant and jacket.

Assuming you only work five days a week, you really can go far with just a few items. As mentioned before. Start off with the black dress pants or skirt and blouse to get you through your interview. If you can splurge for the jacket, pants and skirt you should be able to make it through your first pay period. On pay day you can add a new blouse or some coloured t’s to get you to the next pay period and so on.

Plan your week out in advance so you can easily grab your outfit and go.


Later you can expand with another suit, a dress or two and a few more blouses. Maybe even a few fashion pieces. My final tip: When you find something that fits well and you like, spend the extra money to buy a few in different colours. Now you can relax because you know you look good. Smile and focus on your interview questions. Good Luck!

Online Stores With the Working Woman in Mind:

* Addition Elle – I’m a little biased as most of my suiting is from here. I love their clothing for style, cut and quality. It’s a bit pricy so sale shopping is a must. Sizes start at 14 to 24 in most styles, some 26. This is a Canadian chain that ships throughout Canada and the United States at reasonable shipping rates.

* Lane Bryant – They have a nice assortment of career jackets and pants in plus size, petite plus and extended sizes. The prices are reasonable for suiting. Site is easy to manoeuvre and order from. Keep an eye out for free shipping in the U.S.

* Ulla Popken – They gave separates and matching pieces. At first glance you might think it is for an older clientèle but keep looking and you will find a gem.

For a piece of fashion:

* – Sophisticated and trendy tops and dresses for sizes 12+. Their regular priced items are definitely investment pieces but they always have great sales too.

Originally published 2/21/2005 at Large & Lovely, BellaOnline.