Lane Bryant Unleashes #ImNoAngel Lingerie

Over the last eight+ years Lane Bryant has consistently delivered to plus size women some pretty hot lingerie and panties when everyone else was trying to sell us basic whites and only basic whites. Now even though there are more choices where to buy our mentionables (they are no longer unmentionables) Lane Bryant is still the leader and their new #ImNoAngel campaign prove it.

Full-figure models showing off Lane Bryant's Cacique line for #ImNoAngel campaign.

The adorable short black and white ad is kind of a brilliant tongue in cheek poke at Victoria Secret’s Angel campaign that has never offered our plus sized girls any decoration for our décolletage. If you haven’t seen it have a look-see:

When you are done with that head over to Lane Bryant and see what they have to offer in their plus size bras and panties this season.

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* Visit Lane Bryant for plus size bras and panties

Sexy Lingerie from Torrid

In general sexy lingerie is pretty limited locally. Online there is a lot of choice but many of the businesses carry the same products. For something really different there is Torrid. They tend to be a bit edgy without going into full sleaze mode. Here are a few of my favorites today including the incredibly cute Wonder Woman, sorry, Hero Bustier that kind of looks like Wonder Woman’s costume. All items range from $30 to $36 US (yes they deliver) and are available in sizes 0 to 4x (some sizes have sold out).

plus size sexy lingerie

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* Get your own plus size lingerie from Torrid.