Black and White Jacket

Black and white is coming on strong for the remainder of winter and into spring as shown by this amazing jacket from Addition-Elle. It’s faux leather and a bit pricey at $129. I remember the days when you could get a leather jacket from them for $249. But it is adorable isn’t it? It’s a nice tailored jacket, I don’t imagine this one will hang around for long.

Two tone black and white faux leather jacket is from Addition-Elle.

Faux leather has come a long way since the pleather days I remember. This plus size jacket comes in sizes X to 4x. If you don’t have an Addition-Elle near you the shipping rates are pretty reasonable.

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* Get your black and white plus size jacket from Addition-Elle

Plus Size Short Jackets

One of the hottest trends for jackets this spring is the short jacket. At the moment, in some parts of Canada it may not be too functional but in others it’s getting closer (it was +13°C here today).

Over at Forever 21 they have quite a few short jackets unfortunately there isn’t much variety in color (which is pretty much the same everywhere at the moment). Here are some of my favorites which range in price from $29.80 to $45.80 and go up to size 3x:

Plus Size Casual Short Jackets from Forever 21

In theory, I like the way they look on models but I’m not completely sold on having one myself. What about you, do you love the short jackets or prefer something a little longer?

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* Get your own plus size short jackets from Forever21/Faith21