The Red Wool Coat

This featured coat from Ulla Popken is a wool blend.

I tend to be more attracted to red coats in the winter. I am not sure why since in general blue is my favorite color. Probably because I have animals and everything shows up on blue wool. If you love red as much as I do, Ulla Popken has this straight line red wool coat in sizes 12 to 38. It is 80% wool and 20% nylon, lined so the itchy stuff is on the outside. I like that this coat is a little longer to cover the backside and while it is dressy it is not too dressy that it can’t be thrown on with a pair of jeans.

This lovely red plus size coat is from Ulla Popken

I the think the balance between casual and dressy with these types of coats is determined by the winter accessories — the scarf and mittens. A thick woolly scarf and mittens is more casual while a thinner lacy one with leather gloves would be dressier.

Ulla Popken has a few different styles of wool coats of varying lengths and they are reasonably priced, all under $180.

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Houndstooth Jacket

Houndstooth jacket from Ulla Popken.

One of my favorite fall patterns is houndstooth especially if it is in classic black and white. I love this cute little houndstooth jacket from Ulla Popken which comes in a great size range from 12 to 34 for $69.

This black and white houndstooth knit jacket is from Ulla Popken.

This would be a great piece to dress up your little black dress or over a cami and trousers. Or dress it down with a pair of black denim jeans or your favorite leggings. Having a jacket style gives the option for completely different looks; it can be left open as shown and layered over lighter pieces or it can be buttoned up to the neck and belted to give it contour.

How are you incorporating houndstooth into your fall and winter wardrobe?

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Coats from the US

Plus size fashion coats from City Chic Online.

The U.S. shares a lot of our weather and the shipping times are reasonably quick. Bear in mind that some shops may charge more for shipping because of the weight for plus size outerwear while others do not. Here are a few of my picks from shops in the U.S.:

From City Chic Online

There is not a huge selection at City Chic Online when it comes to plus size coats but what they have is cute. At the moment they offer sizes 14 to 24. These are three of my favorites:

Plus size fashion coats from City Chic Online.

From top left:

  • Princess Coat, $74
  • Oh So Chic Coat, $60
  • Ski Bunny Jacket, $$60

The low prices above are reflective of their current coat sale.

From Lane Bryant

It is not surprising that Lane Bryant offers a huge style choice. Their sizes range from 14 to 28. These are three of my favorites:

plus size outerwear from Lane Bryant
From top left:

  • Plaid Toggle Coat, $170
  • Patch Pocket Trench Coat, $199
  • Houndstooth Babydoll Coat, $199

Keep a look out on the site for coupons to counter the steep prices.

From Junonia

For the more active there is Junonia which has prided themselves on providing functional wear to plus size women for the last decade. If you are looking for waterproof outdoor clothing, even ski pants this is the place. They offer their plus size outerwear in sizes 1x to 6x. Here are three of my favorites:

Plus size outdoor wear from Junonia.

From top left:

  • Snow Bunny Anorak Ski Jacket, $190
  • Alpine Ski Pant, $150
  • Solid 3 in 1 Alpine Ski Jacket, $199

Their cold weather selections may not be huge but if you participate in any outdoor activity and do not fall into the standard plus sizes this is the place to go.

From Ulla Popken

The selection at Ulla Popken is small but there are not many places where you can find a long plus size wool coat in sizes 12 to 38. Here are a three of my favorites:

Plus size long wool coats from Ulla Popken.

From top left:

  • Princess Seam Long Coat, $179
  • Ultimate Dress Coat, $189
  • Classic Pea Coat, $159

They tend to have their stock available longer than other shops so if you find an article of clothing you like chances are you will find it again so you can order more.

Don’t forget your scarf and mitts!

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Looking for Jeans

If you are looking to try a new pair of plus size jeans then Ulla Popken has released a new denim jean with the traditional zip and the pull on with elastic band. They are 99% cotton and 1% spandex. You are going to love the size range — get ready for it — they are offering them in sizes 12 to 38 (and I am talking about a plus size 38 not a standard size 38). That is one of the best size ranges for denim out there. The button/zip jeans are currently on for $39 (reg $59). The pull on come in a jegging and a relaxed fit for $39. Here is a video from Ulla Popken introducing the jeans with in house staff models in sizes 12 to 20:

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Polished Career

plus size clothing from Ulla Popken

Ulla Popken offers a nice selection of every day clothing including some polished career pieces. This U.S. shop does deliver to Canada. They are reasonably affordable and with this new spring fashions promotion they are even more attractive: Get $15 Off $100 Orders or $30 Off $150 Orders with Code SPR116. Here are a few of my favorite pieces (all in sizes 12 to 34 and all below $69):

plus size clothing from Ulla Popken

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Fall Arrivals at Ulla Popken

Ulla Popken Fall Arrivals

In general I would say that Ulla Popken has a more mature look than I prefer but I do believe they have styles for many tastes which is why I had no problem finding some favorites in their new fall arrivals. All items are between $39 and $89. My absolute favorites are the military vest, black shirt dress and zebra flats.

plus size clothing picks from Ulla Popken

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