Yes! I do product reviews and customer giveaways. Here are a few details to keep in mind:

Product Reviews

  • I review books, movies, clothing and other items on the Favorite Things Blog. Please email me for interest and I will provide a mailing address.
  • Sending an item does not guarantee a review on your timeline. It may take 3 weeks – 3 months for an item to be reviewed.
  • Reviews are honest providing both negative and positive comments (should there be any).
  • Reviews may also be posted at other venues.
  • Items are never returned.
  • Items not reviewed may be given away in blog giveaways or community fundraisers.


  • We love customers giveaways and will try to have a minimum of one a month (max of three).
  • Items are given away on a first come first serve basis so it may take a month or two before your item is given away.
  • Please include all details about item you are offering.

For product reviews or giveaways please email details using the following contact form and you will be contacted shortly:

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